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There’s a new dog in town. They’re called the Pet the Pooch Dogs. What are they? They are specially trained dogs that are used for fundraiser’s. It’s simple! People make a donation to Pet the Pooch. For years our dogs have been helping Organizations, Groups and People in Need to raise money for their purpose and cause. Our dogs have raised thousands of dollars over the years. And the best part is it’s total free to have the Pet the Pooch Dogs. Simply call 330-701-0744 for your next fundraiser


Pet the Pooch is a subsidiary of Gold Star Dog Training, which has trained therapy canines for over five years. The Pet the Pooch was founded by Mark Weber, Garry Paul and Kelly Saunders. The goal of Pet the Pooch is to provide, at no charge, therapy canine teams for your Organization, Group or People in Need fundraiser.

Therapy Canines (requires a four week course): Used in the nursing home, hospital, book reading, libraries, assistive living environment and to raise money for fundraiser’s.

All of our canines are certified through Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs and carry an insurance policy on the dog while working as a Pet the Pooch.


Pet the Pooch will provide highly trained and motivated dogs for your fundraiser, free of charge. It does not matter the how big or small the fundraiser is we guarantee results.

If your organization, group or people in need would like the help of one or more of our dogs, please contact us at: 330-701-0744.


To become a volunteer for Pet the Pooch you must take a four week Therapy Dog course through Gold Star Dog Training, should be one year of age and certified through Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs.

The course covers: Who is Bright and Beautiful, guidelines, how to become a therapy dog, readiness of your dog for visits, proper behavior, insurance policy, FAQ, exam review, cane/awkward strangers, food aggression, walkers, crutches, human to canine interaction, stability, wheel chairs, taking the exam and actually visiting a nursing home.

For more information on the Therapy Dog Course go to:


Phone: 330-701-0744


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