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Veterinary Considerations

One person a puppy should certainly get to know early is its veterinarian. Life can be much easier with a dog that views the veterinarian as its friend. And new dog owners need advice on vaccinations, exercise, and probably a few puppy problems such as carsickness.

One good method is to take a puppy to visit the vet’s office when no scary shots or exams are scheduled. The puppy simply gets a pat on the head and a treat from the vet. These socialization visits should be kept short and very upbeat. Just the smells of the veterinary office alone can be frightening, so an owner should take the dog in, have a pleasant greeting, and get out, before the puppy can think too much about it. If the initial visits are mainly pleasant, the puppy will be better able to tolerate the scary things that occasionally have to happen. The dog and the veterinarian can remain friends, with no hard feelings.

You can also make regular trips to get the pets weighed. This helps the vet keep track of the puppy’s growth and helps the puppy get used to the vet.

A lot of quick trips to the veterinarian’s office also helps if a puppy suffers from carsickness. Most puppies outgrow this problem on their own, but experience with many short trips seems to speed the process along.


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